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DRV10983-Q1汽车12V 24V三相无传感器BLDC马达驱动方案
文章来源:永阜康科技 更新时间:2017/8/17 11:09:00
TI公司的DRV10983-Q1是集成了功率MOSFET的12V/24V汽车三相无传感器BLDC马达驱动器,连续驱动电流高达2A.满足汽车规范AEC-Q100如–40℃ 到125℃工作温度,HBM ESD分类Level 1C,CDM ESD分类Level C4A,马达工作电压6.2V-28V,具有过流保护,锁住检测,防电压浪涌(AVS)保护,UVLO保护和热关断保护.主要用在汽车小型泵和风扇,座椅通风风扇,HEV电池冷却风扇和摩托车燃油泵.本文介绍了DRV10983-Q1主要特性,功能框图,应用电路以及评估模块DRV10983-Q1 EVM主要特性,电路图,材料清单和PCB效果图.

The DRV10983-Q1 device is a 3-phase sensorlessmotor driver with integrated power MOSFETs, whichcan provide continuous drive current up to 2 A. Thedevice is specifically designed for cost-sensitive, lownoise,low-external-component-count fan and pumpapplications.

The DRV10983-Q1 device preserves register settingdown to 4.5 V and delivers current to the motor withsupply voltage as low as 6.2 V. If the power supplyvoltage is higher than 28 V, the device stops drivingthe motor and protects the DRV10983-Q1 circuitry.This function is able to handle a load dump conditionup to 45 V.

The DRV10983-Q1 device uses a proprietary sensorless control scheme to provide continuous sinusoidal drive,which significantly reduces the pure tone acoustics that typically occur as a result of commutation. The interfaceto the device is designed to be simple and flexible. The motor can be controlled directly through PWM, analog, orI2C inputs. Motor speed feedback is available through both the FG pin and the I2C interface simultaneously.

The DRV10983-Q1 device features an integrated buck regulator to step down the supply voltage efficiently to 5 Vfor powering both internal and external circuits. The 3.3-V LDO also may be used to provide power for externalcircuits. The device is available in either a sleep mode or a standby mode version to conserve power when themotor is not running. The standby mode (8.5 mA) version (DRV10983SQ) leaves the regulator running and the sleep mode (48 μA) version (DRV10983Q) shuts the regulator off. Use the standby mode version in applicationswhere the regulator is used to power an external microcontroller. Throughout this data sheet, the DRV10983-Q1part number is used for both devices i.e. DRV10983Q (sleep version) and DRV10983SQ (standby version),except for specific discussions of sleep vs standby functionality.

An I2C interface allows the user to r
EPROgram specific motor parameters in registers and to program theEEPROM to help optimize the performance for a given application. The DRV10983-Q1 device is available in athermally-efficient HTSSOP, 24-pin package with an exposed thermal pad. The operating ambient temperature isspecified from –40℃ to 125℃.


• Qua
lified for Automotive Applications
• AEC-Q100 Qualified With the Following Results:
– Device Temperature Grade 1: –40℃ to 125°CAmbient Operating Temperature Range
– Device HBM ESD Classification Level 1C
– Device CDM ESD Classification Level C4A
• Operation Voltage Range:
– Motor Operation, 6.2 V to 28 V
– Register Setting Preserved, 4.5 V to 45 V
• Supports Load Dump Voltage up to 45 V
• Total Driver H + L rDS(on)
– 250 mΩ at TA = 25℃
– 325 mΩ at TA = 125℃
• Drive Current: 2-A Continuous Winding Current(3-A Peak)
• Configurable Output PWM Slew Rate andFrequency for EMI Management
• Sensorless Proprietary Back Electromotive Force(BEMF) Control Scheme (No Need of HallSensors)
• Continuous Sinusoidal 180° Commutation
• Initial Position-Detect Algorithm to Avoid BackSpin During Start-Up
• No External Sense Resistor Required
• Flexible User Interface Options:
– I2C Interface: Access Registers for Commandand Feedback
– Dedicated SPEED Pin: Accepts Either Analogor PWM Input
– Dedicated FG Pin: Provides TACH Feedback
– Spin-Up Profile Can Be Customized WithEEPROM
– Forward-Reverse Control With DIR Pin
• Integrated Buck Converter to Efficiently Provide5‑V and 3.3-V LDOs for Internal and ExternalCircuits
• Supply Current 8.5 mA With Standby Version(DRV10983SQ)
• Supply Current of 48 μA With Sleep Version(DRV10983Q)
• Protection Features
– Overcurrent Protection (Protection for Phaseto-Phase, Phase-to-GND and Phase-to-VCCShorts
– Lock Detection
– Anti-Voltage Surge (AVS) Protection
– UVLO Protection
– Thermal Shutdown Protection
• Thermally Enhanced Package


• Small Automotive Pumps and Fans
• Seat Ventilation Fans
• Motorcycle Fuel Pumps
• HEV Battery Cooling Fans



评估模块DRV10983-Q1 EVM

This user’s guide provides complete details of the customer evaluation module (EVM) for the DRV10983-Q1 device including hardware implementation, jumper configuration, and operating procedure to run 3-phase BLDC motors. This EVM user’s guide is intended to be used with the DRV10983-Q1 Tuning Guideto optimally tune a user motor.

The DRV10983-Q1 EVM is a complete solution for evaluating the DRV10983-Q1, three-phase sensorlessBLDC motor drivers. Device evaluation and configuration for specific applications is possible with theprovided DRV10983-Q1 EVM GUI. This document describes the kit details and explains the functions andlocations of test points, jumpers, and connectors present on the kit. This document is also a quick-startguide for using the GUI to tune a motor for application.

评估模块DRV10983-Q1 EVM包括:

• DRV10983-Q1 EVM board
• USB2ANY communication board for I2C GUI interaction
• USB cable
• 10-pin ribbon cable to connect the USB2ANY and DRV10983-Q1 EVM
• DRV10983-Q1 EVM GUI

图3.评估模块DRV10983-Q1 EVM外形图

图4.评估模块DRV10983-Q1 EVM电路图
评估模块DRV10983-Q1 EVM材料清单:

图5.评估模块DRV10983-Q1 EVM PCB效果图
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